Questions and answers

Below, you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions.  If the answer to your specific question is not included, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service 


I am a new customer – how do I order?
Shopping at includes the following steps.
1. Find the jeans you wish to buy.
2. Watch the instruction video and take your 3 body measurements to obtain your UNIQSIZE (size).
3. Select Rise.
4. Place the jeans in the shopping basket and proceed to the checkout.
5. Enter your personal details/Delivery details
6. Accept our trade terms.
7. Select method of payment and enter your credit card information.
8. Accept the order amount including credit card fee and complete payment.

Which "Leg" should I choose?
At MY STAR DENIM, you may chose between the following "Legs":

Boot cut leg (smaller knee width than hem circumference)
Flared leg (smaller knee width than hem circumference; yet to the extent to create a bell-shaped bottom)
Straight leg (almost identical knee width and hem circumference)
Tapered leg (larger knee width than hem circumference)
Baggy tapered leg (jeans with wide thighs, wide knees, narrow hem circumference)
Slim leg (tight-fitting jeans, thigh, knee and foot)
Tube leg (super tight-fitting jeans, thigh, knee and foot)

Which "Rise" should I chose?
Most people have a personal preference in relation to high waist or low waist jeans. As an extra service at MY STAR DENIM, you may choose between jeans with two different rises. See our fit guide and find out what you prefer.

Why do you have different fits?
Just as different people have different preferences in terms of high waist or low waist jeans, taste also varies in relation to how tight the jeans should be.
See our fit guide and find out what you prefer. 

Is it really true that you only require 3 body measurements to make my personal jeans?
Yes, this is absolutely true.

Thanks to MY STAR DENIM’s collaboration with the revolutionary UNIQSIZE fit- and size system, all we need are 3 body measurements to make your personal pair of jeans.

UNIQSIZE allows us to group and classify 99.9% of the people of the world into one unique size based on 3 body measurements: waist, hips and inside leg length. We use these measures to calculate your unique size which we call your UNIQSIZE.

A complex algorithm taking all your other body measurements into account backs the 3 body measurements.

The algorithm allows MY STAR DENIM to provide you and everybody else in the world with personal jeans as UNIQSIZE has a database with 1377 girl/woman size patterns and 935 boy/man size patterns.

This allows MY STAR DENIM to supply you with cool jeans with optimal fit and comfort while at the same time complementing your body in a flattering way.

If you want to know more about UNIQSIZE - 

How do I obtain my UNIQSIZE? (size)
Getting your UNIQSIZE is easy.

All you need is a measuring tape and 3 simple body measurements.

To find your correct UNIQSIZE, you must measure your body correct. Hence, it is important that you follow the MY STAR DENIM video guide and our measuring instructions before you measure your body.

VIDEO-guide for women:

 VIDEO-guide for Men:

 After you have entered your 3 body measurements, we calculate your UNIQSIZE and you will be ready to order your personal jeans.

What should I do if my waist measure is between two intervals?
In this case, you should consider whether you want your jeans to sit tightly or loosely around your waist. Choose the lower interval for a tight fit. Choose the upper interval for at loose fit.

In general, our jeans have a tight fit around the waist. You should expect that your jeans will expand a little as they adapt to your body.

Why does the price change after I have found my UNIQSIZE?
At MY STAR DENIM, we have 1377 sizes for women and 935 sizes for men. Fabric consumption varies a lot and we have decided to price our jeans based on the various size groups.

Will my UNIQSIZE information be stored?
MY STAR DENIM remembers your UNIQSIZE for 30 days.
We do recommend, however, that you take your 3 body measurements every time you place a new order as your measurements may have changed since last time. So, you should follow the MY STAR DENIM instructions when placing an order.
Can I change / cancel my order?
In general, you may change or cancel your order until you have received our order confirmation via email. Contact Customer Service.

I have not received an order confirmation
Check if the order confirmation has been intercepted by your spam filter.
You could also get a copy of your order confirmation by contacting Customer Service.

Is it possible to see my jeans physically before I buy them online?
Yes - some of our independent partners stocks an assortment of our jeans. You are always welcome to contact our independent partners for help and guidance. 

MY STAR DENIM collaborates with the best partners throughout Europe.

Contact Customer Service and enquire about the location of the nearest MY STAR DENIM partner.
I need more information
If you still have questions or you need further details or help, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.
We strive to reply to you enquiry via email within 24 hours on business days.


Do I need to pay any freight?

MY STAR DENIM delivers your personal jeans directly to your home address or to an alternative delivery address. Irrespective of the order amount we will charge you a freight cost of EUR 10,- (for delivery to the countries mentioned below)

Why do I have to wait 10 - 20 days for my new jeans?
MY STAR DENIM delivers your jeans – specifically made for you.

The time needed to manufacture your jeans varies based on several factors such as fabric, wash and any other effects you may have selected.

This means you will have to accept a delivery time of 10 - 20 days from receipt of our order confirmation.

We will inform you via email should we - contrary to expectation - not be able to meet the anticipated delivery time.
Where is my order?
When your order is ready for dispatch, we will send you an email with the order information and the anticipated time of delivery.

What happens if I am not at home when my package arrives?
Our jeans are delivered by DPD, a service that delivers to your doorstep. If you are not at home at the time of delivery, DPD leaves a notice in your mailbox. Then you are required to contact DPD and arrange for re-delivery.

Can I choose another delivery address?
Yes. You may enter an alternative delivery address when placing your order.

MYSTARDENIM delivers to which countries?
MY STAR DENIM delivers to the following EU member states:

Denmark (although not Greenland and the Faroe Islands at present)
Great Britain
The Netherlands

Why do MY STAR DENIM not deliver to my country or to countries outside the European Union?
If you require delivery to another country, please do not hesitate to enquire about the possibilities from Customer Service. 
We will calculate and charge you the freight costs - depending on your selected country of delivery.
It is possible that the local authorities will charge you local customs, i.e. VAT or Duties when delivering to you. You are responsible for the payment of any local charges which might be added by the local authorities. For further information re. VAT or duty procedures please ask your local authorities.


Which methods of payment are accepted? accepts the following debit and credit cards:

VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Eurocard, Maestro 
(charge: credit cards issued in Denmark: 1.85% per transaction)
(charge: credit cards issued abroad: 2.85% per transaction)

When you proceed to the checkout, you will be redirected to a Quickpay secure server where you must enter the following:

Credit card to be used
Credit card number
Date of expiry
Check digits

Please note that the final credit card charge will be given once you have indicated your preferred method of payment.

The prices shown are in Euro and inclusive of Danish VAT (25%).

When is the payment effected?
The amount will not be withdrawn from your account until MY STAR DENIM dispatches your order.

You will receive a notification via email with the invoice and a specification of the amount that will be withdrawn from your account.


Why do my jeans not fit me?

MY STAR DENIM never delivers jeans that do not meet the production tolerances relative to the UNIQSIZE your have ordered. All our jeans are measured by hand during our quality control process prior to delivery to you.

The reason why your jeans do not fit could be:

1. That your waist measure was between two waist intervals and you chose the wrong interval.
2. That you did not take correct measurements.
3. That your body measurements have changed since your order.
4. That you used a UNIQSIZE that was calculated a long time ago and your body measurements have changed.
5. That you selected the wrong fit or rise.

If your jeans do not fit, we will be happy to deliver a new pair to you using the correct UNIQSIZE and model. 

All you are required to do is to follow our measuring instructions and study our fit guide closely so that you will be ordering the correct UNIQSIZE and appropriate model. 
We are talking about jeans made personally to me. What if I have second thoughts?
You are always entitled to a 14-day right of cancellation when shopping at The cancellation period runs from the day of your receipt of the goods.

You are only entitled to exercising your right of cancellation only if the goods are returned in materially the same condition and amount. The goods must be complete with tags and labels. Hence, the right of cancellation will be terminated if you use the goods in a such way that apparently significantly reduces the market value of the goods. 

If you have second thoughts, the goods are returned to: 

Logistik Centrum
Przemyslowa 40
57-220 Ziebice

If you have second thoughts, another option is to refuse to receive the package.

You are requested to enclose a copy of your order confirmation / invoice. It is not a requirement but it will speed up the process if you complete and enclose the supplied exchange and returned goods notice. This may also be downloaded here.

If you have second thoughts, we will of course return any amounts paid to you. The amount will be transferred back to the card you used for the payment when we have received the returned goods and checked that the rules of cancellation have been met. We will send you confirmation via email upon our receipt of the returned goods. This email will inform you of how the cancellation process will progress. Cancelling an order, the only cost you will have is the return package postage. 

Note! We do not accept parcels sent COD and similar.

If you wish to replace your jeans for another model and/or size, this will constitute a new buy at

My delivery is not complete.
Unfortunately, mistakes happen. If you have received an order and something is missing or you have not received the goods you ordered, please contact Customer Service and be sure to state you order number. We will then look into the issue.

Have you received the goods I have returned?
Returning goods, remember to get a tracking number so that you will always be able to track the parcel. We will send you confirmation via email upon our receipt of the returned goods. The email will inform you of how the cancellation process will progress.

How is my money returned to me?
The amount will be returned to the card you used for the payment once we have received the returned goods and confirmed that the goods meet the rules of cancellation / complaint.

I have received defective goods; how do I make a complaint?
Shopping at, it goes without saying that you will have a 24-month right of complaint. This means that you are either entitled to have your goods repaired, your money back or a price reduction depending on the given situation. 

Naturally, the complaint will have to be justified and the defect must not result from the incorrect use of the product and other damaging actions. 

You must make your complaint within "reasonable time" after you noticed the defect. We recommend that you make your complaint as soon as possible. If you make your complaint within two months of noticing the defect, you will have made your complaint in time. 

If the complaint is justified, we will refund incurred (reasonable) return carriage expenses.

The goods are dispatched to:

Logistik Centrum
Przemyslowa 40
57-220 Ziebice

Returning goods, please inform us of the problem in as many details as possible. If possible, you should enclose a copy of your order confirmation / invoice. It is not a requirement but it will speed up the process if you complete and enclose the supplied exchange and returned goods notice. This may also be downloaded here.

We will send you confirmation via email upon our receipt of the returned goods. The email will inform you of how the complaint process will progress. Note! We do not accept parcels sent COD and similar.

Remember to always return the goods safely packed and to get a dispatch receipt, allowing us to refund the carriage expenses. 


Do I need to sign up to shop at MY STAR DENIM ?
If you are a new customer at MY STAR DENIM, we need the following customer information to process your order:
Telephone number
Email address 

I have a new email address. What do I do?
I you have a new email address, you will have to sign up again when you place an order. If you fail to do so, you will not be receiving emails from us such as order confirmations or details of delivery, invoicing, payment and receipt of returned goods.


Is it safe to order online at
MYSTARDENIM has the official Danish E-mark accreditation on the danish webshop

The E-mark is a Danish labeling system that protects you before, under and after online trading. The e-mark is a stamp of quality conveying to consumers that is operated in a legal and ethically responsible manner. Learn more about the approval and control processes
However, this E-mark accreditation is only valid in Denmark - but we assure you, that the Trade Terms for our international customers, are exactly the same as those of our danish customers.

Did you know that you have access to free assistance from the e-mark consumer hotline when you shop in an e-marked web shop?
The hotline lawyers are ready to answer your internet trading questions or help you with specific issues.
If you have second thoughts about a purchase, be assured that the full amount will be returned to you - including carriage and charges. 

MY STAR DENIM uses the standard safe online card payment technique. You need not have any concerns when using your card with us.

The data you input in connection with online shopping and debit/credit card payment will be encrypted (SSL). This means that only Nets and Swedbank will be able to read them. Neither the web shop nor others will be able to read the data.

The amount will not be withdrawn from your account until MY STAR DENIM dispatches the order. We cannot withdraw an amount that exceeds the amount you approved buying your goods.

How are my personal data handled?
We record your personal data in order to deliver the goods to you. 

Personal data provided to MY STAR DENIM are kept for five years and then deleted.  Collecting personal data via our website, we always ensure that we have obtained your explicit consent. This means that you will know exactly which data have been collected and why.
The controller has access to the data we record about you. 

We do not store or transmit customer data encrypted. 
Which browser to use ?

At you can use all available browsers on the market. However, if you choose to use Explorer please make sure to use Explorer 8 as a minimum. Older versions might result in an error when you try to place an order. (download Explorer)

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