MY STAR DENIM wants to make it possible for the entire population of the planet to buy cool jeans that fit perfectly for each individual body.
This is possible thanks to the patented fit- and size system UNIQSIZE.


MY STAR DENIM wants to be the leading global jeans brand when it comes to fit, comfort and flattering the individual body.

MY STAR DENIM wants to be the consumers' preferred choice because of our unique added values​​.

MY STAR DENIM wants to help reducing the large waste-production of jeans.

MY STAR DENIM wants to be a global leader in terms of innovation of all the jeans manufacture processes.

the concept

Perfect jeans starts with you.

Using the 3 body measurements, waist, hip and inside leg length, we will make your personal jeans - perfect for your body, in your unique size and deliver within 10 - 20 days

Thanks to UNIQSIZE, MY STAR DENIM is the closest you can get to tailormade jeans.

You can choose to shop in our official webshop or with one of our independent partners.

Learn more about UNIQSIZE.

the idea

The idea for MY STAR DENIM occured from several studies.

MY STAR DENIM has interviewed many consumers and tested many of today's jeans brands. Through these interviews and analyzes, we found that the jeans fitting well are often boring and outdated, and consumers have indicated that they have to compromise when buying jeans. Again and again we have been asked the same questions from consumers:

"Why is it not possible to make cool jeans that fit and flatter your body"?

Using a complete new mindset and a new methodology in producing the jeans, MY STAR DENIM has now made it possible to design cool jeans that fit and flatter the individual body.

Today's jeans brands are serving, more or less consciously, a small target group that designers find beautiful or physically attractive. They usually offer 6-12 waist sizes in 2-3 leg lengths. Typically, max 10% of the consumers feel comfortable in this individual jeans brand available in 12-36 size variants. The remaining 90% will have to continue their 
time-demandig struggle to find a model or a jeans brand that can serve them.

MY STAR DENIM, has taken up the challenge of finding a pair of perfect fitted jeans in a total different way.

We want to free the consumers for the eternal quest and the many challenges in the dressing rooms trying on jeans from the store shelves. 
We want to free the consumers for making compromises, when buying jeans. 
In stead - and thanks to the revolutionary and patented sizing system UNIQSIZE - we want to create personal jeans for each consumer easily and conveniently.

Our goal is to keep the prices at the same level as for mass-produced branded jeans, and at the same time make sure that the personal jeans can be delivered within 10-20 days.

To achieve these goals, we have teamed up with all the best partners in making jeans:

The best Italian fabric suppliers with stock service.
The most competent and flexible production partners in Europe.
The best laundries.
The automated and patended sizing system UNIQSIZE.
In collaboration with these partners, we are ready to serve the consumers and meet their highest expectations for the next jeans purchase
With MY STAR DENIM the first real lean concept in the clothing industry has been created.


Behind MY STAR DENIM's there is a long tradition of design, production, marketing and selling of clothes.

I am fourth generation of a traditional tailor family named Pedersen, who has its origin in the northern part of Denmark.

I am the founder of the revolutionary jeans concept that combines ancient custom art with today's most modern technologies in design, production, information technologies and communications. It all started with my great-grandfather, master tailor Pedersen, who ran the business in the city Aså not far from Skagen - the world-renowned tip of Denmark.

In a small home with hard times 10 sons were born in the period from 1909 to 1922. They all went in their father's footsteps and were educated as tailors.

After education, they were scattered, but the family home in Aså formed for many years the setting for cozy gatherings no matter whether the journey went from distant places such as Canada.

Son Jens Ingvald Pedersen, who was my grandfather got bronze medal as a tailor in 1939 after serving in the Royal Danish Navy, where he served on the legendary royal yacht "Dannebro".

For several years he was employed as a master tailor at different clothing factories in Jutland, but in 1956 he started his own sewing factory, and produced for some of the contemporary many Danish clothing factories.

In line with the increased standard of living and the entry of women into the labor market he developed his business, and until his retirement in 1983, when his sewing factory was sold, the company grew to 100 seamstresses.

I spent many holidays with my grandparents, and as a playing child you even watch, how the adults around you work and develop things.

Therefore, it occurred very natual for me to enter the same industry as my ancestors.

The understanding of the old craftsmanship combined with new technology has made it possible for me to develop the MY STAR DENIM concept.

MY STAR DENIM is probably the first jeans concept that is able to produce a truly mass customized jeans for the entire planet's population at an affordable cost within 2 to 3 weeks.

Founder and owner
Claus Rusberg

MY STAR DENIM A/S | Lilleåvej 35, Råsted | 7500 Holstebro | Tel. +45 4026 6310 | CVR: 32447392