The automated UNIQSIZE sizing system is the engine behind MY STAR DENIM. 

UNIQSIZE is an automated sizing system capable of grouping and classifying 99% of the people in the world into one unique size by means of three body measurements only. 
Your UNIQSIZE is calculated based on these three body measurements: waist, hip and inside leg length. 

A complex algorithm taking all your other body measurements into account backs the 3 body measurements. 
The algorithm allows MY STAR DENIM to provide you and everybody else in the world with a personal jeans as UNIQSIZE has a database with 1377 girl/woman size patterns and 935 boy/man size patterns. 

This allows MY STAR DENIM to supply you with cool and personal jeans with optimal fit and comfort while at the same time complementing your body in a flattering way. 

If you want to know more about UNIQSIZE - read it here
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