Developing the MY STAR DENIM business concept, we were very inspired by the use by other industries of the LEAN philosophy.

Basically, LEAN is about:

1.     Accommodating the needs of the customer.

2.Manufacturing the goods when the customers requires them.

3. Delivering the product where the customer wants it delivered.

In the clothing industry, it is standard to have a large collection 6 months prior to the clothes hitting the store.

Based on the large collection, retailers will typically choose a small selection of jeans which hopefully - in their subjective opinions and knowledge of the taste and wants of the customers - will meet the requirements of the coming season. These jeans are acquired in 6 to 8 standard sizes and 2 to 3 leg lengths which typically will fit the bodies of no more than 30% of the customers.

Being a jeans manufacturer, you will often find yourself in a situation where 80% of a sample collection will never be manufactured as retailers deselect the models. It is a matter of wasted product development and sample products worth millions and more millions.

The retailer who opted for the remaining 20% of the collection now waits 4 - 6 months before the jeans are delivered. Of these jeans, 50% or 60% will typically be sold at full price whereas the rest will be sold during a sale or end become part of the inventory after the season.

In addition to the high number of leftover goods, the retailer could at worst have turned down as many of 70% of consumers who wanted to buy a pair of his jeans because he did not have the right sizes.

At MY STAR DENIM, we have reversed the value chain. We leave it up to the independent partner and the consumer to decide together what is fashionable as well as right for them.

On an ongoing basis, MY STAR DENIM designs new jeans in the fashion of the day for the independent partners to order and display for their customers. Then, the model selected by the consumer using his/her measured UNIQSIZE, is manufactured and delivered within 10 to 20 days. The UNIQSIZE size system covers 99% of the people of the world.

If a consumer cannot find a model, color / wash in the MY STAR DENIM collection, we have a partner / consumer response program whereby new products may be included in the collection within 4 weeks and become available from the web shop or through the preferred independent partner.

At MY STAR DENIM, collection development costs are low as even our sample collection will find a new owner after having served its purpose. We do not have expensive inventories and our partners are not required to mark down the goods and put them on sale. This allows us to manufacture premium and unique pairs of jeans, manufactured with the individual consumer in mind at the same price that other brands are charging for their mass-produced models.


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