COOL jeans with a perfect fit

Most people experience difficulties in finding cool jeans with a perfect fit.

75% of the grown-up population in the western world prefer jeans, when they choose between different types of trousers – despite the fact that the consumers on average tries on 10 pairs in the fitting room, before finding a pair of jeans with an acceptable fit.

They almost never find cool jeans that fit their personal body type. However, perfect fit is the most important criteria for both women and men when buying jeans.

We have often been asked why you can not find a jeans brand on the market combining the perfect fit with a cool jeans design?

Now it is possible – MY STAR DENIM – tailors cool jeans for you.

We only need three body measures to make sure that your new cool jeans fit perfectly at the waist, the hip, the thigh and the length. The jeans are made for you and fit perfectly. As we say – “jeans with no compromises”.

How expensive are your new cool jeans with a perfect fit?

They are not more expensive than other cool jeans on the market because we do not operate with any kind of stock. We simply produce the perfect jeans on your demand and deliver them at your favorite store or at your doorstep within 10 to 20 working days.

When wearing your new perfectly fitting cool jeans we are sure that you will get plenty of nice words on your way. Perfect fit and proportions highlights all the beauty of your body and make you look even slimmer and younger – perfect.

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